Chasing the light in the fog

The intent, to create a professional image worthy of its place in print and social media that is easily recognizable as 'Immokalee.'

When I arrived at Lake Trafford to capture an image of the iconic [new] pier, I was welcomed by the sight of a devastating reality. Within the last several weeks, someone had removed the plant life that surrounded the pier and boat ramp.  

This realization left me struggling to produce an image without leading lines; something any landscape photographer seeks out in order to capture the attention of an observer. 

In addition, the early morning fog kept the morning sunlight from shining through as it does so eloquently on random mornings.

Without leading lines and the chance for a fantastic sunrise, I realize this images struggles. In fact, was actually made possible by stacking three images of varying exposure into one HDR image.  Combined with a slow shutter and non-graduated ND filter, the image came to life in post-processing.

While this location has been altered by man leaving the new pier less than desirable from a photography standpoint, i'll continue looking for those unique images with more natural characteristics.