Spirit-of-the-Wild Wildlife Management Area meets flooded mess!

If your idea of getting out in your sport utility vehicle and doing some off road traveling, the Spirit-of-the-Wild Wildlife Management Area south of Labelle, FL is the place for you!

For those who own a passenger car, don't even try it during the rainy season.

While the dirt and gravel road starts out to be quite welcoming, the northern end of the property requires at minimum an all-wheel-drive vehicle. In this case, my Kia Sorento AWD did the trick!


The water in some areas is nearly impassible by anything that sits lower than at least a crossover-type vehicle.

In the end, it's not that bad once you get past the emotional mental ride you're on that your vehicle might sink in the muck!

Wildlife is rather scarce with the exception of a few birds. That's to be expected though in the areas that you can reach only in a vehicle.

TIPS: Avoid the area in the rainy season, check the weather before you go, go early, if you go on foot be prepared for wildlife you may stumble upon, be familiar with the trail you take if you go on foot, check the weather again while on foot, and if you drive through water stay to the edge of the gravel road for better traction!