The 'art' in Fort Myers

Fort Myers (FL) has a negative connotation to its reputation. After all, the FBI placed Fort Myers 38th on the list of the most dangerous cities in America.

But let's step back for a moment and take it all in. 

In truth is, the vast majority of violent crime in the area isn't occurring in downtown Fort Myers. It's south and east of the downtown area in neighborhoods where other crimes occur at night. The downtown area is actually a thriving hub for entertainment, art, and local commerce.

Local Streets Come Alive

Street performers, such as "AJ" as he likes to be called, are often times found along Main Street, First Street, and Bay Street and between Broadway Street and Jackson Street.

This area is just east of US 41 and is located near Centennial Park, Harborside Event Center, the Fort Myers Yacht Basin, and the soon to be Luminary Hotel. You'll know you're nearby when you see see decorative pieces of art work on nearly every corner.

Commonly referred to as "The River District," the area shops are bustling in the morning and "AJ" is just one of the local performers making his mark in the area.