Save your cash

Some take to the Orlano nightlife scene to absorb the music, check out new dives, or even for a family dinner.

The scene around the Orlando Eye is certainly hopping on Friday night and the food options surrounding it are abundant.

With over 1,200 reviews on Trip Advisor, the Shake Shack on International Drive comes off as a place most would recommend.

But are the 700+ ‘excellent’ reviews wrong? Are the 10+ ‘terrible’ reviews spot on?

When you order a burger, you expect a burger…I mean a ‘real’ hardy piece of beef! But, if you plan to eat at the Shake Shack be prepared for subpar food and sticker shock!

With burgers coming in the $7 range and fries available for an additional fee, one would think the burger would beat out most chain restaurants. But, not at the Shake Shack.


The Shake Shack seems to believe in buns that look like they had a rough trip coming out of the oven…almost like they fought their way out. I mean look at it!

The beef reminds me of the old commercial that asked “Where’s the beef?” The Smoke Shack, which sells for $7.29, comes with cheese, bacon, and a slighly spicey sauce. And just in case you were wondering how much spicey sauce is added, don’t worry, it will be piled up in one corner like it’s cowaring from the fight the bun went through.

Here is our receipt…


My recommendation…hit up a place that’s not catering to the unsuspecting or uncaring millennial on a group date with their bro’s and fall back on the faithful burger joints like Five Guys.