Universal Studios Annual Passholder Lounge on its way out

Wait…a Passholder Lounge? When did Universal Studios create a pass holder lounge? After years of visiting the park, we had no idea it even existed!

You’ll find the Passholder Lounge tucked away on Hollywood Blvd near Schwab’s Pharmacy.

Well don’t worry, the Lounge hasn’t been around that long so you haven’t missed out on all of the fun. In fact, staff at Universal Studios told us that the Lounge was created in late 2018 as an experiment to see if the demand exists to keep a lounge location open.

But, you may want the visit the Passholder Lounge soon! January 31, 2019 will be the last day the lounge is open.

We checked out the Lounge hoping to find a quiet place to kick back. After all, the Lounge was touted as an area to relax with plush chairs, phone chargers and refreshments. Sadly, it’s just a small room with minimal seating for a few lucky annual pass-holders. There are phone chargers available if you wish to stand and drinks are available for purchase.


Let’s hope that if it’s reopened after the end of January, the Lounge is moved to a location near the back of the park where resting is certainly needed. A larger lounge area would also be a plus with increased seating and phone charging access at each seat. After all, who wants to stand in a ‘lounge’? And who wants a lounge near the entrance of the park? You’re either too tired to stop and bother to stand or you just entered the park and your feet still feel like they’re attached.