Theme Parks when school is out…just say no!

So you think the kids are out of school, it’s a perfect time to hit up the theme parks in Orlando? Think again!

Holidays can be the worst time of the year to visit the parks with wait times for a ride reaching up to three hours!!

We visited Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure a few days ago and both were stroller cities!


We are annual pass-holders at Universal and Islands of Adventure and in all of our trips we’ve never seen so many strollers. It was like everyone made the most of the 2018 near year and brought their bundle of joy with them to celebrate the upcoming new year in Florida.

We’ve tried visiting at Thanksgiving and it’s the same way. Spring break…forget that too! I mean like ‘bro’ the place is packed then too ‘man’!

If you’re a Florida resident and make several visits a year to the park, go later in the day and visit when school is in session. Avoid the parks on all holidays! Nothing is worth catching a criminal charge! Even a quick throat-punch to ones who keep bumping into you in line is understandable, but it’s just not worth the temptation