Serving Fish or Gold?

If you’ve lived in southwest Florida for any amount of time, you’ve heard the commercials with the catchy gingle that starts out with “Come by boat, come by car, watch the dolphins from the chickee bar…” and instantly you recognize the gingle as being from the Snook Inn on Marco Island.

With over 4,400 reviews on TripAdvisor, one might think the Snook Inn is a happening place and your hunch would be right.

But the hype just might be overrated. Over 2,700 reviewers gave the Snook Inn less than a 5-star rating. The most common complaint? The food is overpriced. In fact, it’s way overpriced!

Although it’s decent, most items on the menu come in at well over $20. In fact, the average price for a two-person lunch without an alcoholic drink is just over $50. Toss in a couple alcoholic drinks and an appetizer and you’re pushing $90 before leaving a tip!


I don’t know about you, but that’s an expensive lunch. Sadly, the Snook Inn doesn’t even offer a lunch menu. So what you pay for lunch is the same for a dinner portion.

On the off chance you go the ‘cheaper’ route and get the $19 Fish N’ Chips, you’ll NOT be blown away with the portion size.


Instead you’ll be met with a pile of fries and a side of haddock. For a few more dollars you can substitute the haddock for grouper. But who wants to pay $23-$24 for two small pieces of fish?

There is a saladbar inside of the main seating area and the salad is included with your meal.

There is a few pluses that should be mentioned. Aside from the fact that it sits on the Marco River and there are fantastic views of the waterway, the customer service at the Snook Inn is quite exceptional. Herry, not Henry, is a server who truly seems to enjoy his job. Although the place was rather busy, Herry was on top of his game and came to our table with a smile each time.

So, if you’re on Marco Island and looking for fresh seafood, the Snook Inn might be appealing. Just be prepared for not so appealing portions and unjustified prices.