Breakfast Tacos!

This post is specifically for those who’ve either never been to Immokalee and don’t have any relatives in Immokalee who can churn out some rich homemade salsa.

Okay, so you’re driving around looking for a great place to stop for breakfast and you’re not really into eating at a chain restaurant. You’re really digging the chance to eat at a mom-and-pop restaurant because, well after all you’re in Immokalee and you want something different. But, you’re not quite sure where to go?

So you take a little detour down New Market Road and you happen upon a small, square-shaped building that sits in a pothole-filled gravel parking lot. You notice several cars in the parking lot but not much in the way of advertisement. But, you decide to give it a chance anyway.

As you walk up to the building you notice the front door appears to be falling off the doorframe. So you think to yourself “Is their food even good?” or “What’s the name of this place?”

The answers: yes! and El Taquito #2.

El Taquito (#1 located at the corner of Main Street W. & South 1st Street and #2 located at 212 New Market Road E.) is known for is their breakfast tacos. While you can get their breakfast tacos just about anyway you want, a great option is the potato, bacon, egg and cheese tacos.


Their homemade salsa is what really sets El Taquito apart from some of the chain restaurants. It’s not salsa in a pack and nor is it made by a company and shipped in. It’s made and served up by the ladies in the kitchen.

Their breakfast tacos taste the best when you plop the tacos down in the salsa and get the salsa all over the taco.

So if none of your relatives live in Immokalee and you’re tired of chain restaurants, give El Taquito a try. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by their breakfast!